There are many ways shipping can be handled on Surpluselectrical.ca and surpluselectrical.com. Here are a few suggestions how to handle shipping and how they may affect the sale of your products. We have partnered with another innovative business called Smartt Shipping for Canada and a company called Shippo in the USA to provide shipping costs and make this task that usually is a hassle simple and fast! You can ship everything from a very small item in a courier bag to something very large and heavy requiring LTL in Canada. All shipping is paid to our marketplace that is collected. This is so everyone can take advantage of the fantastic bulk shipping rates! If you don’t use our provided solutions fully when doing listings, you will not be able to use it for shipping after the sale. At least not using the Marketplaces account. You would have to contact them for an account or, utilize the shipping you would regularly use.


1. Shipping Rates While Browsing for Products
You must if you are browsing for products on the site create a buyers account with your shipping address to receive real time accurate shipping costs. Do this by simply clicking Address Book when you are logged into your Buyer Dashboard. This also depends on whether the Vendor has set up his Smartt shipping and location. The vendor must also enter the shipping requirements for each product. You will receive a shipping quote at checkout just before you pay. If you don’t, there is either not enough information or maybe you are purchasing multiple items. At this point you can request a shipping quote and the order will go back to the vendor to correct any issues or re package the shipment for a better rate. Once done the invoice will come back for payment with the revised shipping quote.
2. Shipping Setup for Vendors
Ensure you set up your shipping information before you start listing products. This will ensure when using the Smartt Shipping on your listings buyers browsing for products will get correct rates while browsing for your products. Otherwise, they may just move onto another product that is providing a shipping quote. On the left side of the vendor dashboard select the shipping provider and enter in the information required. It takes less than 2 minutes of your time to set up correctly!
3. Listing Products Using Smartt Shipping
When listing product using Smartt Shipping you must enter in the postal code every time. This is necessary for our vendors with multiple locations and those using our site for their own business doing consignment sales of other’s products that me be in numerous locations. You must enter a weight as well. Larger products in the electrical industry you can usually look up and get a weight for. Don’t forget to add some weight for packaging later when it sells. Don’t underrate the weight to much, if you get caught you cannot log back in and change the shipping rate after the buyer has paid the shipping cost! We recommend selecting multiple carriers during the listing process, you never know where the buyer is and what carriers may actually go to their destination. Many of the settings can be entered in your Product Listing Defaults.
4. Local Pickup or Collect
This method means the buyer is responsible to pick the product up in its current location or arrange to have the product picked up. The buyer may be responsible for loading as well as the shipping costs as stipulated. If the Vendor has all equipment and will load the product on the buyer’s truck when it arrives please stipulate this in the terms and conditions. Message center can also be used to coordinate the shipping or facilitation thereof. The vendor will not be able to utilize Smartt Shipping discounted rates after a sale has been completed and paid for. If the buyer purchases the item, they can send it to the vendor for a shipping quote before actually paying for it. The vendor then has the opportunity to either utilize Smartt Shipping on our marketplace by entering all data then upon receiving the request from the buyer.
If you are buying from a local vendor and want to go pick the order up you can select local pickup when checking out. You will then pay for the order and drop in to pick it up. Remember we are multivendor so pay attention to the vendor selling that product and their location. If you select this in error as the buyer you will be responsible to arrange the shipping at your cost offsite. This without question most likely end up costing you more!
5. Buying Multiples or Several Products from One Vendor
If a buyer wants to save on shipping buying multiples of one product that has a shipping price per each or several products at once from one vendor, it is possible. Make the purchase and proceed as if you are going to checkout. You will be prompted by a screen that allows you to send it to the vendor for a shipping quote. The vendor can re-enter the new weight and dimensions and send the new invoice back to the buyer for payment with the revised shipping quote for combined shipping savings.
6. Shipping Errors During the Sale
These can occur, they are usually because if incorrect shipping data like address errors, or vendor did not select a shipping company that goes into the buyer’s region. If this happens the buyer should complete the sale as to not lose the item and send it to the vendor for adjustment to solve the shipping issues. The Vendor can contact the buyer and find out what will work and adjust the shipping address or change the shipping company to find one that works. Of course, the rates may change depending on locations and shipping companies. This enables the sale to be completed one way or another. If you need to use an alternative not available on Smartt Shipping send the invoice back without shipping and deal with it offsite. This will be rare but can happen! You can use you stripe account to send the buyer a separate invoice offsite and deal with the shipping separately in these rare circumstances. In most cases you will also be able to track your orders from your buyer or vendor dashboards.
7. Misrepresentations and surcharges
If there are any errors when shipping or Surcharges these are beyond the control of Surpluselectrical.com and Surpluselectrical.ca. If these do occur we will invoice the seller for the extra fees as we pay all shipping charges. You will be expected to pay the charges, we will not dispute them with the shipper on your behalf unless you agree to pay us to do this on your behalf. These are out of our control as Surpluselectrical.com and Surpluselectrical.ca and we accept no responsibility for such issues.