Resolution Center

We strive to prevent issues with sales on Surpluselectrical.com & Surpluselectrical.ca ever getting to this point. With our Code of Ethics, comprehensive product condition and shipping protocols among others we believe many issues will be avoided. We also believe prescreening and approving our vendors will help as well. Here are some tips to avoid having to end up in resolution center.

  1. Please ensure you review the conditions of the listing protocols before listing products or buying them. This protocol is the single most important dropdown menu for buyers to represent their products correctly in the listing. Before going to resolution both parties should review this to ensure they have not made a mistake when listing or purchasing.

  1. Please also pay close attention to the listings requirements for shipping. We have produced the shipping procedures and guidelines to assist both parties to get it right. There are many ways the product can be listed for shipping. For example, it may be completely the responsibility of the buyer to remove the products from the place they are sold in a specific period of time. Please ensure before going to resolution both parties review what the add stated.

  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially if that pictures have red ink on it pointing out specific defect or issues with a product. Any of our service subscribers are trained how to correctly list products on our client’s behalf for listing services and we also detail this in a couple different spots on our site. We recommend close up photos of defects or other issues for the protection of both parties and to avoid ending up in resolution.

  1. Communication. Yes, this always helps to avoid issues. If you are wondering about any of the items above or any others for that matter send the vendor a message asking for more details, this may even prompt them that they missed something, and they will revise their item. If you go to resolution on a product we will review all communication between the vendor and seller on our site. Communication off our site will NOT be reviewed which is why it is critically important to have all communication go through our site.

  1. Product descriptions are also very critical. We recommend a detailed description and even test results for certain products when they are done. Mention small defects, point out it is like new. Provide details however good, bad or ugly they may be. Detail is very important!

I you have been through everything above, reviewed all the listing protocol documents but still cannot resolve an issue then you must go to Resolution. Only an individual experienced in our sites protocols and the electrical industry will resolve such issues. We will review everything above and any other critical information including communications between the parties involved and make a ruling within 48 hours. We will provide a reason for our decision and all decisions will be final. We also accept no liability or responsibility for our final decisions as per our Terms and Conditions and or Disclaimer.

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