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We take issues and problems with our sites very seriously. There are many different things that can constitute reporting a problem to us. This is not the way to too solve an issue with a completed sale for a return, for this specific type of problem please go to the Resolution link provided. The Resolution team are different and made up of experienced electrical personal with the experience to make a call on these specific types of issues. The types of problems to report in this section may include the following.

  1. Broken links are a problem that happens from time to time. The site is always being improved, added to and worked on. If you ever click on a link that goes nowhere this is what a broken link is. Please report it ASAP.

  1. Spelling and grammar errors are less of an issue but do also happen. Please note this does not include errors in people’s listings, we cannot control or change these. This does however include any issue on our main sites structure.

  1. Listing issues can be a problem that is sometimes hard to control. All vendors MUST be approved to sell on surpluselectrical.ca and surpluselectrical.com which is the first line of defense. Sometimes errors are made, and a product ends up in completely the wrong category. Sometimes an error is made in selecting the product condition. Sometimes it may even be a product that does not belong on the site, which would be anything not utilized in our industry. It may be an add soliciting other services and not an actual product. If any off these issues are spotted, we would truly like to know about them.

  2. Report a vendor issue. Although we do a certain amount of screening on our vendors it is possible for issues to arise. Whether it be a continued misrepresentation of products or maybe selling products they do not have, and they try to switch you up. Maybe they try and do business with you offsite? This site with its many safety protocols and screening processes are here to protect you the buyer as well as sellers. If any of these types of issues or any others happen with our vendors, we certainly want to know about them right away. We can with the click of a mouse suspend the vendors rights to sell on our site for your protection.

  3. Report a Buyer issues can also arise. We do not screen, pre approve or filter buyers. You may receive rude or derogatory comments from potential buyers? You may constantly get lowballed on make an offer by the same potential buyer? There may be some other way a buyer is creating issues on our site? Please if this happens as them politely to stop, if they do not please report it to us.

  4. Hazardous materials that are not documented correctly and do not have a WHMIS certificate included. Although most products in our industry are not hazardous there are many older products that may contain PCB’s etc. If there is something that constitutes a hazard on our site, please let us know right away.

  5. Advertising Adds including Marketing are not allowed and must be reported immediately. We have chosen at this time to not allow any advertising or marketing adds on our site.

  6. Electric Appliances for household or Commercial use are not permitted, there is no category for such items.

  7. Non Approved or Counterfeight Products are a serious issue! We must ensure we do whatever possible to get rid of these products!

  8. Any other issues any of our users may deem as a problem!

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