Listing Pictures Guidelines & Instructions

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Maybe not one picture alone, but a collage of pictures certainly may be better than a 1000 words. Maybe its to enhance and show the excellent condition of the product, or maybe its to point out a defect in the product? Either way each item is equally important when selling your products or equipment. Listings must have at least one photo.

Adding photos to your ad not only makes your ad more visually appealing, but also shows exactly what you are selling. When done well, photos can be a powerful marketing tool for any add. Take clear, good-quality photos with good lighting to show your product at its best. Before you start the upload process, rename your photo files with names that will help you remember what they are, and put them in a folder on your computer where you can find them quickly and easily in case you need them again. We recommend shooting against a good background. If you are shooting against a background, find one that is not too distracting, and that subtly contrasts with your item to make it stand out. Use high resolution pictures so when buyers zoom in they remain clear. A great photo instantly grabs attention and draws buyers in.

We strongly recommend using a tablet or some other form of picture editing software to draw on pictures if necessary to point out defects and imperfections. Use a visible color like red to mark up pictures if necessary to highlight the good, bad and the ugly if necessary that may be part of the listing. It is always better to disclose everything rather than get a bad review or worse yet end up in Resolution. Only use a stock photo for a new, unused item. For all other items, upload a photo that shows its actual condition.

You can upload photos in these file formats:

  • JPEG (.jpg file extension)
  • PNG (.png file extension)
  • TIFF (.tif file extension)
  • BMP (.bmp file extension)
  • GIF (.gif file extension)

To add photos to your listing:

  • In the Add photos section of the listing form, click on the picture icon to load photos from files or drag and drop them there as well.
  • Utilizing a tablet for listings is by far the quickest and most efficient, there are no moving pictures involved or sorting.
  • Click Select photos from a file browser and find the photos you want to add to your listing.
  • You cannot rotate the images once loaded so ensure they are correct.
  • To switch the main image click it and select base and thumbnail. It will be the new main image.

As mentioned earlier we recommend you create folders for the pictures of your listings on your computer. Name and edit them as required ready for loading. Then proceed with listing your product.