Surpluselectrical.com & Surpluselectrical.ca CODE OF ETHICS

As many in the industry know a code of ethics is important and is part of our statement how we operate on a day to day basis. Here at surpluselectrical.ca & surpluselectrical.com we take this very seriously and have developed a Code of Ethics as part of our Terms and Conditions.

    • Always represent your products on surpluselectrical.ca and surpluselectrical.com honestly.
    • Operate on our platform with integrity in an ethical, professional, and responsible manner.
    • Always answer questions politely, to the best of your ability and be respectful with all correspondence.
    • If doing listing services as part of our Business Mentorship program, ensure you look after the best interests of your clients and avoid conflicts of interest and respect client confidentiality.
    • Always ship products ASAP and package them with care.
    • We will always ensure the Resolution process is fair and well documented, respect the Resolution process.
    • ALL products shall be CSA, UL or other Authorized Agency approved to be sold on Surpluselectrical.ca and Surpluselectrical.com in Canada and the USA as per international, federal, provincial, state and municipal laws.
    • Never imply you are an Authorized Distributor for any product lines with product manufacturers warranty unless it is true.
    • NO counterfeit products shall be sold on Surpluselectrical.ca or Surpluselectrical.com.
    • NO products with counterfeit labels shall be sold on Surpluselectrical.ca or surpluselectrical.com.
    • Ensure all new products warranty conditions are detailed including warranty procedures if warranty is applicable.
    • Refurbishing must be completed correctly by authorized personal and all standards set in place by laws and agencies controlling these procedures.
    • No one shall for any product or service listed on Surpluselectrical.ca or Surpluselectrical.com complete the transaction offsite.
    • No one shall use the site for customer gain unless all transactions are completed onsite with said customers.
    • Always follow the policies and procedures laid out on Surpluselectrical.ca and Surpluselectrical.com.
Anyone not following our Code of Ethics can be suspended from Surpluselectrical.ca, Surpluselectrical.com or both and may be permanently banned from using the sites as per our Terms and Conditions.