About Us

Surpluselectrical.com and Surpluselectrical.ca are USA’s and Canada’s #1 Electrical Industry Specific Multivendor Marketplaces. We offer unique features like Omnichannel business solutions no one else can offer electrical industry sellers. Simply put it allows everyone in the electrical industry to buy, sell, auction, and request electrical products on the web. The owner has been in the electrical industry for 24 years with 15 years in the surplus electrical industry.

The idea came out of necessity to downsize a significant inventory and before long the more we created the more and more possibilities came to light. With extensive experience in all aspects of electrical, low voltage systems and just about anything electrical related in the industry the URL’s have grown to what they are today. They continue to grow as we receive requests from our users. Set up your own business selling and buying electrical products and equipment within our site, enhance your existing business or start a new one. Maybe you just need a place to sell some electrical industry related products, equipment, tools, documentation or even software products. Maybe you want to save money on purchases or maybe find that rare part you need?

Specific to the electrical industry makes this the perfect venue for anything and everything electrical. Consider us your very own buying and selling electrical platform with many industry specific protocols put in place to make Buying and Selling safe, easy, and incredibly in tune with our industry. New, Used, Take out, Refurbished or even just for parts, sign up today and Buy, Sell or Auction! We have also added a new feature where you can request products required for that next project. Or maybe you are buying and selling products utilizing Surpluselectrical.ca or Surpluselectrical.com? Either way our sites are certainly sure to help get the job done and make or save you thousands!

You will only see products for the electrical industry on our site from sellers and vendors you can trust. All sellers and vendors are pre-approved to do business on our site. Everyone has surplus. Traditionally surplus either gets sold to surplus houses or thrown away. The idea of our platforms is to simplify the movement of surplus in a large circle with the absolute least amount of effort, time and cost for everyone utilizing our platform.

There are many different types of users that can utilize our Electrical Marketplace including but not limited to Manufacturer’s, Agents, Wholesalers or Distributors, Surplus Dealers, Government, Utility Providers, Utility Providers, Facility Owners, Contractors, electricians and even Financiers. Here is a video outlining some of the uses. There are endless ways in which you can utilize Canada’s only electrical industry specific multivendor marketplace!